Breast Enhancement Before and After

These before and after breast enhancement photos are of actual patients who have been treated by Dr. Sofonio. Breast enhancement is an all-encompassing term that includes several breast surgery procedures, including breast lift, breast augmentation, and breast correction and revision. Note that individual outcomes may vary according to factors like size of the implants, size of the patient’s breasts and type of breast enhancement procedure.

Women who want to increase their breast size can opt to have the breast augmentation procedure offered by Dr. Sofonio. In this process, implants are placed under the breast tissues to increase the breast size, restore the breast size after weight loss or pregnancy, or correct the size discrepancy between the two breasts because, in some instances, one breast may be significantly larger than the other. These photos show how a breast augmentation procedure can effectively increase or restore the breast size.

Breast correction is a general term for a variety of procedures aimed at correcting perceived issues in the appearance of the breasts. Some of the procedures address problems emanating from previous breast surgeries, whether cosmetic or medical. Other breast correction surgeries correct abnormalities in the appearance of the breasts, such as tuberous breasts correction surgery, and breast asymmetry correction surgery. These photos show the successful breast correction procedures performed by Dr. Sofonio.

Droopy breasts are a major concern for many women. This problem may be caused by pregnancy, breastfeeding, or weight loss. In this condition, the breasts lack firmness; the nipple position is lowered below the breast crease, and the nipple areolae point downward. As a solution, Dr. Sofonio offers a breast lift to raise sagging breasts and pull up the nipples and areolae. These photos show the significant changes a breast lift procedure can provide to improve droopy breasts.

Women who want to feel more comfortable and remove the limitations that very large breasts place on them have the option to undergo a breast reduction procedure. In this process, some of the breast tissues and skin are removed to alter the size and shape of the breasts. This procedure increases firmness and reduces the discomfort caused by very large breasts.